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Uttar Pradesh Sindhi Academy (Lucknow)

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Uttar Pradesh Sindhi Academy was established by the Department of Languages, Government of Uttar Pradesh, in the year 1996 AD for the promotion, preservation and promotion of the development of Sindhi language, Sindhi Academy is constantly moving towards the fulfillment of its objectives. Every year for the Prasar, the power seminar is organized every year by the students and students of state and state level poets are invited to organize scholarly litterateurs and national level poet conferences have been organized to bring interest in Sindhi language like Sindhi drama folk songs Programs are also organized, in addition to encouraging writers to publish Sindhi books by the Academy and grant for publication of books and other such works which can promote Sindhi language and culture, the Academy has done elegant manner from time to time. Have been going Sindhi Academy was first given a budget of Rs. 5,00,000 by the government and a total of 3 posts including one post of North Accountant Junior Clerk and Assistant copy was created for the Academy's plans and activities. Every year since inception, the activities of the Academy. Along with the increase, the budget of the academy has also increased continuously. The government of Sindhi Academy received an amount of ₹ 1 crore in the financial year 2018-19.
First, a budget of Rs. 5,00,000 was given to Sindhi Academy by the Government and North Accountant operating the schemes and activities of the Academy. A total of 3 posts including one post each of Junior Clerk and Servant were created. With the growth of the activities of the academy every year since its inception, the budget of the academy has also steadily increased. I received a sum of ₹ 1 crore.

Uttar Pradesh Sindhi Academy Lucknow

Uttar Pradesh Sindhi Academy was established by the notification of 8 February 1996 by the Government of Uttar Pradesh, Department of Language, for the promotion, promotion and promotion of Sindhi language literature culture and art. The academy is constantly working to fulfill its objectives The academy organizes electric seminars and student competitions every year for the promotion of Sindhi language. Students encouragement distribution programs like national level Kavi Sammelan Sindhi drama folk songs are organized. Apart from this, the Academy publishes incentive art Sindhi books to authors For the publication and publication of books, works like publication grant etc. are done from time to time.

Major schemes of Uttar Pradesh Sindhi Academy

1- Organizing seminars seminars workshop to encourage Sindhi language literature culture and art
2- Publication of original literary and handwritten works of Sindhi language and providing assistance to North scholars for this purpose.
3 Publication of children's literature in Sindhi language
4- Creating and publishing reference texts in Sindhi language
5- Publishing of unpublished literary works in Sindhi language
6- Awarding Gold Medal to talented Sindhi Language students
7- Financial assistance to registered Sindhi literary and cultural institutions
8- Assisting the publication of works of qualified Sindhi language writers
9- Providing financial assistance to elderly and needy writers of Sindhi language
10- Translating important literary works into Sindhi language

Government of Uttar Pradesh

Language Section-1
For the purpose of encouraging and developing the examination of Sindhi language and its literature, the Governor gladly approves the establishment of Uttar Pradesh Sindhi Academy and gives the following orders
1- The Honorable Chief Minister of Sindhi Academy and I will be the Governor only during President's rule
2- Principal Secretary will be the acting president of the academy
3- The special secretary will be the director of the language academy
4- The person interested in the development of Hindi language will be the secretary of the academy, whose tenure will be 3 years and who will be nominated by the government. K. Kevalaramani is named the first secretary of the academy
5- The association of Sindhi Academy will be registered under the Society Registration Act after approval of the organization and rules.

Dr. Indu Prakash
Principal Secretary Language

Representative Director Printing and Stationery for publication in Uttar Pradesh Allahabad in the state budget.

with permission
Jagannath Singh Special Secretary

Copy inspired following the required action for information :
1 All Principal Secretaries / Secretaries Uttar Pradesh Secretariat
2- Accountant General Uttar Pradesh Allahabad
3- All Divisional Commissioners Uttar Pradesh
4 All District Magistrate Uttar Pradesh
5 Director Hindi Institute Uttar Pradesh Lucknow
6 Director Uttar Pradesh Sanskrit Academy Lucknow
7 Chairman Urdu Academy Lucknow
8 Chairman Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed Committee Lucknow
9 President Hindustani Academy