1. To encourage and publish the original literary and educational works of Sindhi of Indian citizens residing in India, also to publish books of Sindhi Children's Literature and to provide financial assistance for the publication of handwritten texts in high level Sindhi language.
2. To take such other steps from the point of view of Indian integration that it is possible to promote Sindhi language and to arrange for translation of important literary works which have not yet been translated into Sindhi language.
3.To write and publish references to Sindhi language and to publish the best published works in Sindhi language.
4. Assisting the publication of works of qualified Sindhi language writers.

General rules and implementation procedure for the scheme

1. Under this scheme, non-recurring grant was given for printing and publication of works of excellent quality. will go.
2. Application for publication grant accepted on the format authorized by Uttar Pradesh Sindhi Academy will go.
3. Sindhi language translation of excellent works / texts written in Hindi or any other Indian language, Grants will be given for printing and publication.
4. The academy may consider the opinion of an expert on the excellence of the manuscript where it considers necessary.
5. As the case may be, grant on application by the concerned writer or author's successor The application can be accepted under the terms of the manual.
6. Regarding the usefulness / utility of the book, the recommendation of a well-established Sindhi litterateur is mandatory To be submitted along with the application form.
7. It is mandatory to give printing rate of three presses along with expenditure details along with application related to grant Will happen.
8.Twenty-five copies of the book published under this scheme were made available to the academy for free. Will go
9. No part of the grant will be used under any circumstances for any other purpose. 10. Born in Uttar Pradesh or in Uttar Pradesh
10 This ___ grant will be given on priority basis to Indian citizens who have been living for years.
11. This grant can also be given to those Indian citizens whose mother tongue is not Sindhi. - 2
12. The title of the accepted 'publication content' cannot be changed.
13. Advertisement will not be given any place in the published material with the financial assistance of the Academy.
14. No royalty, gratification etc. is payable by the Academy to the original author for translation, transliteration etc. Will happen. Translator transliteration will have to be done by itself.
15. Quality will be the basic foundation in the approval of publication grant.
16. Inspection of accounts related to grant funds at any time, Director, Uttar Pradesh Sindhi Can be done by the academy or a representative officer authorized by him. If the grant or any part thereof is found to be applicable, Sindhi Academy will have the right to recover it as arrears of goods. The decision of the academy in this regard is final and any Objection / report will not be acceptable.
17. No assistance is received from any other institution / government for publication of the material in question. Will be done. If this is done, the Academy will have the right to accept / have been granted Withdraw the grant.
18. The decision of the institute on the applications for grant of publication will be final. Any objections to this Report will not be accepted.
19. A minimum of 300 copies of each accepted material must be published.
20. The material in question shall not be published in less than 18X 23/8 or dimai measure.
21. 1 verse or a ghazal or 01 song or 10 couplets or 20 lines of verse on a page of poetry Printing / inclusion of
22. Accepting a grant of Rs. 100.00 per page, the grant will be approved only under the minimum of Rs. 5000.00 and maximum of Rs. ___ 40000.00.
23. After the approval of the publication, 50 percent of the approval amount will be given in advance and the publication material The balance amount of the sanctioned amount will be paid in full after the submission of 25 copies of the academy.
24. According to the prescribed format of application under Publication Grant Scheme, Director, Uttar Pradesh Can be sent to Sindhi Academy, 21 BC, Gomti Residency, Ashok Marg, Lucknow-226001.
25. On the second page of the cover page within each book, the fact must be clearly marked that the publication of the book "____" has been done under the publication scheme of Uttar Pradesh Sindhi Academy.
26. In a financial year, grants will be sanctioned to the same person in the same discipline.
27. The name of the writer / poet before being published on any page anywhere in the manuscript Will not be done.
28. The same work may contain content in both scripts of Sindhi but both scripts with the same title Will not be presented.
29. Director, Uttar Pradesh Sindhi, if considered necessary in addition to the above rules Newly available can be added by Academy, Lucknow.